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Is Vitamin Water Good for You?

Massive availability of enhanced water products in supermarkets makes many health-conscious people wonder, 'Is vitamin water good for you?' or 'Is vitamin water zero good for you?' because marketing strategies are designed in a way to captivate the buyers' attention – any drink labeled as 'zero' is considered free of refined sugar but is the reality same or precisely the opposite?

Is vitamin water zero sugar good for you? This is another concern that circulates among the people. However, some vitamin water products contain added sugar that can be harmful when consumed excessively.

What is Vitamin Water?

Before solving the mystery of 'Is vitamin water good for you?', it is necessary to distinguish it from the normal one. The only difference between plain water and vitamin water is that the former is a hydrating substance that does not contain any nutrients or calories, giving rise to the expansive production, marketing, and supply of vitamin water, having those particular vitamins that most people are deficient in.

Along with vitamins, these synthetic waters also comprise additional minerals to equalize the electrolyte balance in the body, particularly in hot weather when mineral deficiency coupled with dehydration harms your health.

However, most such products are also loaded with additional hidden sugar content. Therefore, going through nutrition facts, ingredient lists, and other relevant information is mandatory while shopping. You can also search for their details on the internet.

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Is Vitamin Water a Brand?

Yes, Vitamin Water is a brand owned by Coca-Cola. They are available and labeled with eye-catching names, such as 'refresh,' 'essential,' 'endurance,' and 'focus.'

Common or table sugar is scientifically known as sucrose – a combination of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. It is added to enhance the flavor of such products. Nonetheless, this product also has a separate category named' zero,' indicating the complete absence of sugar in the drink. Still, its flavor is enhanced with other artificial sweeteners named 'stevia' and 'erythritol.'

Top 4 Reasons: Is Vitamin Water Good for You?

You might be surprised that vitamin water is better than grabbing a fizzy drink or a pack of instant juice to quench your thirst. A public choice survey reveals that the most preferred vitamin water is rich in vitamin C because it contains an optimum amount of ascorbic acid, vitamin B complex, zinc, taurine, and many other electrolytes.

The following valid reasons provide more insight into the question, 'Is vitamin water good for you?'.

Sugar Content

Despite the additional load of excellent vitamins and minerals, sugars and sweeteners suppress their action and mainly affect your cognitive function if taken excessively in any form. While sucrose is the primary source of sweeteners in many countries, vitamin water's flavor is enhanced with crystalline fructose and sucrose, also known as cane sugar.

Crystalline fructose poses serious health hazards because it is 'pure fructose.' In contrast, sucrose is made of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. Nonetheless, you must rely on natural sugar sources like honey and maple syrup to satisfy your sugar cravings. Consuming sugary drinks occasionally doesn't harm, but regular consumption is unhealthy.

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Fattening Agents

Increased intake of vitamin water doesn't suppress your hunger but acts as a burden on every other thing you eat. Liquid sugars are considered one of the top hazardous agents, dragging you towards obesity, unhealthy weight gain, and many other related diseases.

In addition, consuming sugar-loaded beverages is one of the top-rated reasons for childhood obesity, making your children prone to diseases that may attack their health early on.

A Gateway to Chronic Diseases

The trend of modern epidemics of non-communicable or non-infectious diseases, such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension, is rising mainly because of drinking or eating added sugar. Healthcare professionals suggest that refined sugar content must not be preferred at all. However, the total content in your diet must be less than 5% of all the calories you're consuming.

Please remember that such concepts do not apply to nature's candy – fruits. Despite being sweet, fruits are loaded with rich fiber and antioxidants. Besides, they have a low energy density that fulfills your cravings. Try eating them as a snack instead of including a significant fruit portion in your primary meals.

Excessive Micronutrient Load

Both deficiency and excess of everything is an unpleasant experience; similar is the case with nutrition. If less consumption of a nutrient leads to deficiency, overconsumption patterns cause toxicity in your body. There is a specific range of all the nutritious components that differ concerning the age, gender, and overall health status of a person. Therefore, swaying between that range via balanced meals and authentic multivitamins or multimineral supplements is a wise choice instead of relying on vitamin water.

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The answer to your question, 'Is vitamin water good for you?' can't be a simple yes or no. It may look like a great beverage to add to your life, but it harms your health more than reasonable. Nothing can replace the countless benefits of natural and wholesome foods. Therefore, avoiding falling for marketing claims and extending your research skills is recommended by going through the labels of your packaged eatables.


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