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  • What provider do you use for shipping?
    We use UPS for domestic and international shipping.
  • Do you allow customers to ship to a PO Box?
    Unfortunately, our shipping provider/type does not allow shipments to a PO Box.
  • Do you require insurance on all packages?
    We recommend all customers purchase our insurance to protect their packages from damage or becoming lost during transit. Once your package leaves our facility, it is now in possession and responsibility of the 3rd party carrier. All transit details and transit questions will be routed to the 3rd party carrier to ensure you receive accurate and up to date information. Purchasing our insurance guarantees, if your package does not arrive to your home/office address listed on your order, we will send a replacement item at no additional cost to you, once the carrier determines the package is damaged or lost. Packages stolen from your address are not covered under our insurance policy.
  • Interested in becoming an affiliate?
    Reach out to us and please include your name, email, phone number, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube name. Contact Us
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