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Natural Herbs


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Perseverance Vitamins is a full body wellness brand dedicated to natural, restorative, and complete health.

It is trusted and nutritionist approved. We utilize raw ingredients to compliment your self-care agenda.

The brand embraces every piece of you.  We are focused on restoring, flourishing, and blossoming health. 

Restoring. Flourishing. Blossoming. Raw to radiant.

Where raw ingredients meet natural beauty. Embracing every piece of you.


Wellness that is shame and judgement free, unbiased, and unconditional. Here for your flaws and your filters.


The filterless you is our muse. The glowed up you is motivation. On a journey to make you look and feel better.

Laying on Grass


- Rese Smith, Founder and CEO - 


Perseverance Vitamins was created to support the social, mental, and physical health disparities impacting several communities of color and communities lacking resources of holistic and natural mental health remedies, support, and lifestyle changes. The brand was created by the founder Rese Clifton, who like many, first hand fought through both mental and physical health challenges during and prior to the COVID19 Pandemic. 

We proudly embrace full transparency, including the supplier and specific form of each micronutrient. We are here to form community, discuss natural treatment options where they may apply, and break away from the shame and stigma behind the challenging and low areas of life. 

Perseverance Vitamins is solely owned and operated by Black women and take great pride to service this segment in an authentic and meaningful way.

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