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 Are you getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night to live a long, healthy and happy life? Studies reflect, the brain can have difficulty slowing down and over time, this can create the relentless cycle of insomnia. Insomnia wrecks havoc on our mood and overall brain fucntionaliy. Intentionally applying 'The Power of Pause' is key! Our natural sleep aid 'Sunset' will help your mind and body gradually wind down, leading to enjoyment of the present and lengthier realm cycles. A good nights rest is known to be a major factor of life satisfication. 



SUPPORT - Gradually slows down your day
IMPROVE - Realm cycles 
REDUCE - Insomnia, Mood imbalance and day time drowniness
INCREASE - Gentle messaging to your brain for faster and deeper sleep 
STIMULATE - Substances already found in the body to ignite your most positive sleep pattern 


We care about you! Although our products are all natural, this product should used to support a healthy remationship with sleep. Sunset is recommended as healthy supporter and not a cure. 

Sunset - Natural Deep Sleep Support

SKU: Per-Sunset-1001
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