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Inspired by our rough year of 2020 with the pandemic, Seamoss reconditioned me, a secret weapon to fight infections tht strengthen the immune system. It has a multiple of benefits from increasing energy, contributing to weight loss, and supports thyroid health. Sea moss contains about 47 milligrams of iodine per gram and is rich in Vitamin, B, C, D and Fiber. 



SUPPORT: Muscle Health, Function and Recovery. 
IMPROVE: Gut Health 
REDUCE: Inflammation 
INCREASE: Energy Production
STIMULATE: The Immune System and Help Fight Off Infections 


SKU: Per-Pure-1001
Coming Soon
  • Store in a cool, semi dark and Dry area. This product has a shelf life of 1-2 years. 


    Keep out of reach of children

    Age Recommendation


    Products for Men and Women

  • Take 1 capsule with or without food per day. 

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